'You cannot hear a one-handed man clap'

Old Omani proverb

Across the Al Khalili Group you will find a professional, motivated and content workforce who are all aware that they work together to complete the group.
The Al Khalili Group is constantly searching for talent to join our teams; always with a shared commitment to obtain the group vision and goals. We value the competitive advantage and strive to embed success into each and every one of our employees. As part of our success, we continue to ensure the future of the all Omani people as we contribute to building our great nation.

Employment Culture

Al Khalili Group provides maximum freedom to share experiences and thoughts for the development of employees’ own professional careers, but also the development of the group into the future.
We are committed to giving opportunity, and developing the talents, of young Omani graduates and guiding them in their career paths.
If you’re interested to joining our dynamic team we would certainly like to hear from you. Please send us a full resume with your personal and professional experience as well as a cover letter highlighting your strengths and why you think you would be a good fit for the Al Khalili Group.

Job Openings